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4:31 PM
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Main » 2015 » July » 18 » Ardalion Reven takes reins at Golan Technologies
Ardalion Reven takes reins at Golan Technologies
8:07 PM

Year 16, Day 217:  King Arklari Clise of the Kingdom of Elysia has named Ardalion Reven leader of Golan Technologies.  Official statements are pending, but reactions from the company's rank-and-file were unanimously positive.

"I'm proud to say I knew him when," said an Ugnaught working on a PrG-7 assembly line.  "I couldn't exactly say when, because it's none of your business.  But I did.  Know him.  Then."  The Ugnaught refused to offer further comment when pressed.

"Heesa treetsa everybody good," said a Gungan custodian at the Golan Technologies offices.  "Even meesa!"

Office staff themselves were somewhat more communicative.  "I remember when Mister Reven first came to Golan Technologies," said Clifton Breen, a Chiss working in the accounting offices who has been with the company since Year 8.  "I suspected immediately that he would go far in this company.  I was sure of it at the end of his first month.  I didn't have to reject a single one of his expense forms, nor hound him to turn them in -- unlike some people I could name."  Breen refused to specify exactly whose expense forms are chronically late.

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