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Corporate Values

Golan Technologies' corporate values are easy to define, because they're the same ones that were passed down by generations of outdoor sportsmen before us.  They are who we are, who we want to be, and what we want our products to stand for.

Quality:  At Golan Technologies, we build quality into everything we make.  Hunters and competitive shooters across the galaxy prefer our projectile weapons.  The PrG-7 explosive offers the best power available from any point-tactical detonator.  And our quantum-sheathed Knucklers pack a punch that will give any pugilist a substantial advantage.

Accessibility:  All of Golan Technologies' products are designed for convenience and easy use, requiring only a moderate skill level.  This is because we want all sentients from all walks of life to enjoy hunting and sport-shooting as much as we do.

Conservation:  We at Golan Technologies believe hunting should test our personal abilities.  Rather than race to rack up the most kills or the biggest trophies, we should instead challenge ourselves by facing the most difficult -- and dangerous -- creatures.  We encourage all responsible hunters to exercise restraint, so that future generations may enjoy the same endless variety of hunting opportunities we do.

Environmental Responsibility:  Golan Technologies expends no small effort in limiting the environmental impact of it's manufacturing operations, using a variety of liquid and atmospheric filters and even energy shields to prevent hazardous byproducts from being released to the environment.  Such wastes are instead contained for recycling.

Neutrality:  As a Crown corporation organized in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Elysia, Golan Technologies conducts its business in accordance with the Crown's political affiliations.  The corporation is dedicated to responsible capitalism, and regulary engages in philanthropic development on the worlds where it operates.

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