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Elysian Crown Company Golan Technologies announced this morning that they would be proceeding with plans to form a partnership with the Mindabaal League’s premier in medical sciences breakthroughs, Elite Medical Technologies which will see various changes in a robots role at the operating table, assisting surgeons conduct difficult procedures throughout the Galactic South West, where Golan Technologies factories are based. This change comes at a time when the dissemination of technology is slow to filter to the most remote worlds in the Galaxy where well trained surgeons are rare and far between, new technological breakthroughs made in the Yushan Sector has the potential to make robotics more affordable to the average despot and turn their untrained combat medics into surgeons, saving lives and revolutionizing the way treatment is given to patients. While more expensive to transport Coreward, analysts agree that this move could be felt as far as Coruscant and once contracts have been completed and signed to make the partnership official, both companies will see extensive economic growth once the first batches of surgeon equipment and robotics roll of the production lines.




This announcement has generally been well received by employees of both companies though fears have been raised by some in Elite Medical Technologies that by partnering with a business whose sole purpose until now has been the development of weapons and other machines of war, they may lose some of legitimacy as “Doctors First”. Meanwhile Golan Technologies sees this as a reason for further expansion into a new field of production, with plans from the Elysian Department of Infrastructure to earmark resources which will be dedicated to building additional facilities to accommodate the development of new medical products. However, before the plan can be set to motion, the Government of Elysia must first complete a full review of the agreement to ensure it will not directly affect any other smaller medical firms in the Crown’s Territory which could be very detrimental to businesses founded with the King’s blessing in other parts of the Kingdom.




In regards to the benefits of the technology itself, an Elite Medical Technologies representative stated the following; “It is our hope that by making these robots available in the operating room, surgeons will be able to conduct less invasive procedures which will leave fewer signs that a surgery was ever even done, cutting down on scarred tissues, making the surgery less painful if anesthetic is unavailable, and reducing the amount of time it takes for a patient’s recovery.” Golan will be providing expertise in the fields of real-time image analysis which can highlight objects like nerves, blood vessels, or even tumours and other growths that need to be removed to save a life with precision that only a well programmed droid can conduct, slicing down the amount of equipment required in the operating room considerably.

With so many changes that this partnership may bring to the Galactic Stage, many Science and Medical Community members will most assuredly be keeping a close eye on the future breakthroughs made by Elite Medical Technologies and Golan Technologies.

-This story brought to you jointly by Mindabaal League Buzzfeed and Elysian Crown News staff.


Views: 377 | Added by: Bodnari | Date: 08 Aug 2015

Year 16, Day 217:  King Arklari Clise of the Kingdom of Elysia has named Ardalion Reven leader of Golan Technologies.  Official statements are pending, but reactions from the company's rank-and-file were unanimously positive.

"I'm proud to say I knew him when," said an Ugnaught working on a PrG-7 assembly line.  "I couldn't exactly say when, because it's none of your business.  But I did.  Know him.  Then."  The Ugnaught refused to offer further comment when pressed.

"Heesa treetsa everybody good," said a Gungan custodian at the Golan Technologies offices.  "Even meesa!"

Office staff themselves were somewhat more communicative.  "I remember when Mister Reven first came to Golan Technologies," said Clifton Breen, a Chiss working in the accounting offices who has been with the company since Year 8.  "I suspected immediately that he would go far in this company.  I was sure of it at the end of his first month.  I didn't have to reject a single one of his expense forms, nor hound him to turn them in -- unlike some people I could name."  Breen refused to specify exactly whose expense forms are chronically late.

Views: 302 | Added by: Bodnari | Date: 17 Jul 2015

As of Year 10 Day 351, Duke Gideon Bodnari has stepped down as Administrator of Golan Technologies in order to take a position as Consul of Diplomatic Affairs for the Avance Coalition.  Bodnari had administrated Golan Technologies since the faction's founding nearly three years ago on Year 8 Day 30.

Bodnari is succeeded by Geaic Vastar, who had served as the company's Deputy Administrator since it's inception.  Vastar is described as a skilled leader and adept administrator.  "In my time with Golan, Geaic Vastar has been not only a colleague I relied on, but also a friend," Bodnari said.  "I have every confidence that he will lead the company to new heights, and I look forward to seeing what he does."
Views: 784 | Added by: Gideon_Bodnari | Date: 17 Nov 2009

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