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Magistrate Ardalion Reven manages Golan Technologies on behalf of the Kingdom of Elysia.

Golan Technologies is a Crown Corporation of the Kingdom of Elysia.

The Kingdom of Elysia is a Trade Federation protectorate located in the southwest outer rim.  Its head of state is King Arklari Clise and its Crown Corporations are Golan Technologies and Czerka Corporation

Like the rest of the Kingdom of Elysia, Golan Technologies is a neutral faction, and does not endorse either side in the Galactic Civil War.  Rather, we feel that war itself is something to be avoided because of its negative impact on sentient beings and the business they conduct.

Not at all.  Our products are intended as sporting weapons for those who wish to pit themselves against the deadliest creatues our diverse galaxy has to offer.  We strongly discourage the use of our products against sentient beings.

Yes.  Our IRC channel on the Combine's server ( is #cmg-Golan.  This channel is open to both members and guests.

No, you don't have to use IRC to be a member of Golan Technologies.  However, it is highly recommended as IRC makes communication much easier.

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.  It allows real-time conversations between any number of persons.  Information on how to get a free IRC client and set it up can be found here:

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