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The Golan Technologies story began in Year 7 CGT when a group of sportsmen, hunting massive gorgodon on Ilum, found themselves overmatched by their quarry and took refuge in what they believed was an old sportsmens' retreat.  As the group awaited rescue, they discovered that the "retreat" was in fact an abandoned research station for a long-defunct arms manufacturer.  Although the hunters never found an explanation for the station's abandonment, they did find datacards holding schematics for a variety of weapons.

Although from a variety of professions, most of the hunters were prominent businessmen within House Vigihan, a ruling House of the Avance Coalition.  Once safely extracted from the planet, they quickly capitalized on their discovery and on Year 8 Day 30 they officially formed Golan Technologies, using the schematics they'd found to produce a variety of sporting weapons.  The company soon spread to be the single greatest employer on the planet Kaal, spurring the already burgeoning economy to new heights and bringing about a renaissance of culture and prosperity.

As production capacity grew, the company began trading with other worlds in Avance's sectors of the Outer Rim, and soon came to provide the Coalition's hunting enthusiasts with a variety of hardware and munitions.  Following a natural path of expansion, Golan Technologies opened its doors to the galaxy at large shortly thereafter.

Demand greatly outstripped supply and sales were suspended for a time while additional production infrastructure was developed.  Expansion projects were undertaken both on Kaal and in the newly-settled sector Outer Rim B-3 (later known as Periphery), including philanthropic investment in the tourism industries on the Barabel, Devaronian, and Defel homeworlds.  This new infrastructure, along with an affirmative decision to partner with retail sales outlets Gal-Mart and Endeavor Trading, soon enabled Golan Technologies to offer its products to the public once again.

With the Avance Coalition's passing in Year 16, House Vigihan established the Kingdom of Elysia.  As part of this political and economic restructuring, the ruling house liquidated Golan Technologies' far flung holdings in order to consolidate its presence in the Kingdom's capital on Bhuna Sound, in the Yushan Sector, where the company could use it's well-honed manufacturing expertise to form the productive backbone of the new kingdom's economy.

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