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Working at Golan Technologies

Golan Technologies is looking for highly motivated individuals, good self-managers, and creative problem-solvers to participate in all aspects of Golan's business, including sales, manufacturing, transportation, and construction.

Just as there are high expectations for Golan employees, benefits are likewise bountiful:

Competitive Salaries
At Golan Technologies, we believe prosperous employees make for a prosperous company.  The Golan Technologies pay scale starts at 4,000,000 credits per month, payable at the beginning of each month.  With ample room for advancement and bonuses, most Golan employees earn well above this minimum.

Paid Training
Golan Technologies seeks the best and the brightest, but we recognize that the most talented people all have to start somewhere.  We pride ourselves on recognizing and nurturing untrained applicants who show potential and a willingness to achieve.  The Crown Academy of Elysia has a friendly and professional faculty to offer students one-on-one training.  Extensive self-study courses are also available for students who wish to direct their own educational progress

Force Testing
In keeping with our desire to recognize and develop talent, Golan Technologies encourages all employees to take part in periodic Force testing arranged by the Kingdom of Elysia.  Golan employees are given time off (with no reduction in pay) to participate in testing.

All Golan Technologies employees are automatically granted citizenship in the Kingdom of Elysia.  The Kingdom is a neutral government based in the rimward Yushan Sector.  Citizenship confers the right to earn a place within the Kingdom's peerage and landowning gentry.

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