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Cerean Quadrant

Recognizing the thriving sporting goods market in the Cerean Quadrant, Golan Technologies is currently in the process of developing not only the necessary manufacturing infrastructure to produce weapons, but also the tourism infrastructure needed to promote their use.

The Cerean Quadrant supports many game species to challenge hunters of every stripe.  Forward scouts from the Galactic Sports Shooting League are currently establishing numerous base camps from which hunters and sportsmen can range out to enjoy the astonishing diversity on offer.  Staff from Golan Technologies' philanthropic and marketing arms are working with officials on the Cerean and Advoszec homeworlds to promote tourism throughout the sector.  The new service industry is expected to create jobs across the sector, stimulating economic growth.

At the present time, the only weapons produced in the Cerean Quadrant are CVI Rotating Heavy Cannons, used to defend settlements against certain particularly aggressive predators.  General sporting weapons are currently imported from the Yushan Sector, but a production center on Riflor is planned to shoulder the market after certain population-demand thresholds are met.





Above:  The majestic Pinnacle Mountain vista is just one of the many terrain features that make Cerea a prime location for vacationing and sport shooting.  Whether "roughing it" in the wilds or luxuriating in one of Golan Technologies's many lodges, sentients of all stripes can find something to enjoy here.

At left:  Technicians check the rotating servos on each CVI Rotating Heavy Cannon to ensure that the charging chambers line up properly with the discharge path.  Because even a small asychronicity in the moving parts can cause unacceptable wear and tear, Golan Technologies's manufacturing process is exactingly calibrated to eliminate all but the smallest deviations.




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