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In response to new challenges from the anti-gun community, the Galactic Sport Shooting League has established the Hunting and Shooting Sports Heritage Fund to spearhead a galaxywide education and communications campaign that tells our side of the story to the mass media and the public.

With the goal of "creating a sustainable environment for the shooting sports," the fund will "shatter the silence" to create a greater awareness and understanding of our sports, and to correct distorted views of firearms, the companies that make them, and the millions of people who use them safely and responsibly. In addition, efforts will be directed toward a focused, professional response to legal, legislative and regulatory attacks that threaten our hunting and shooting sports heritage.

The Hunting and Shooting Sports Heritage Fund represents the greatest opportunity for the firearms industry to "take charge of tomorrow." Through the efforts of the Fund we have the chance to reverse misconceptions and correct misinformation about our sports, our products and our industry.

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